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About Us

MAT Journals, publication House, issues more than 50 peer reviewed journals in the interdisciplinary fields of science, engineering and management.

MAT is committed to the cause of application of scientific principles to applied engineering and enabling advancement in their industrial use through focused management. To this end, more than 26 members in our professional editorial board help us in publishing the works of 48 authors.

Our publication house is run by a management team that is an excellent example of how academic knowledge should be utilized for developing specific expertise for scientific publication. The team consists of thorough professionals with extensive experience in scientific publication either by providing their own research or providing a platform for researchers to share and publish their research.

We support leading research in the engineering, science and management by publishing the following works of researchers:

  • Research Reports
  • Research Articles
  • Methodology Articles
  • Review Articles
  • Case Studies and Reports
  • Editorials
  • The aim of publishing these works of researchers and their peers is to provide and open access for peer review of scientific literature and leading researches.

    We are supported in our endeavor by a distinguished group of eminent scientists, researchers and innovators. Our Editorial Board comprising of these eminent professionals who have won critical acclaim in their respective fields covers trends in scientific literature within the country and abroad too. Their extensive experience in different fields allows us to maintain high standards in our publications.

    We are committed to enable the budding innovative brains share their knowledge with their peers and the rest of the world by providing a convenient platform for the same. By this, our focus is to ensure that on one hand, the researchers and their reviewers develop their knowledge and skills, on the other the knowledge and information shared can be utilized by those who need it most.


    MAT Journals 
    MAT Journals 
    MAT Journals