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Patient Safety Concept

Mukahanana Cecilia, Mushambi Elizabeth, Professor Zvinavashe, Rukweza Judith


Background information: Patient safety is a global priority in healthcare delivery systems as it not only enhances provision of quality medical care and treatment but also increases patient satisfaction as well as reduces morbidity and mortality in hospitalised patients. It has been widely documented that patient safety is a global burden that is affecting millions of people worldwide despite awareness to all countries. Patient safety has been identified as a critical component that should be addressed for provision of quality health care across all health disciplines.
Objectives: The objective of this paper was to have an in -depth description of patient safety and assigning to it antecedents and attributes so as to augment appreciation among health workers.
Methodology: Walker and Avant (2011) strategy method analysis was used to analyse the concept of interest. The researchers conducted literature search using Google Scholar, Research Gate, PubMed and Medline search engines to select articles relevant to concept of interest.
Results: Definition of patient safety to include psychological, emotional, social and financial harm to the patient. Antecedents to include, management and leadership commitment, open and clear communication, continual healthcare personnel education and training, adequate appropriate staffing, interdepartmental cooperation, improvement in recognition of patient safety as well as patient safety policies and procedures
Conclusion: Various researches to continue until standardisation of patient safety in all diverse health care disciplines has been reached.

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