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A Review of Glioblastoma Tumor Image Segmentation Techniques

Naveen Kumar. R, Nagarathna. A, Prathiba V K


The heterogeneous and persistent growth of tumor cells in glioblastoma multiform is an intricate confrontation for brain tumor treatment. The advanced therapies with improved precision are effective in mapping the tumor cells and helpful in combating the brain tumor. The multimodality image processing has become more popular in brain tumor quantification; it includes image segmentation as essential step adopted for standard treatment plans. To reduce the manual segmentation procedure and to optimization in targeted treatments are major key issues are still needs to focus for effective image segmentation. This paper highlights the primary clinical therapies applied for different stage of glioblastoma multiform and processing of multimodal information. The recent glioblastoma multiform segmentation techniques are discussed with key features of mapping probability and prediction capabilities.

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