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Early Ambulation in Pelvic Surgery for Cancer Leads to Fast Recovery—A Single Institute Studies

Manmohan Agrawal, Lakshmi Agarwal, Tilak Raj Verma, Rishab Mathur


Objective: Early ambulation leads to a fast recovery and reduces the incidence of postoperative complications. This study is carried out to evaluate the role of early ambulation in pelvic surgery patients. Material and Methods: In this study, total of fifty patients who have undergone pelvic surgery were included. Early ambulation within 24 hours was encouraged. Twenty patients were taken as controls in which early ambulation was not done due to patient resistance. The parameters to be studied were the duration of hospital stay, the time required for enteral feeding, respiratory complications, and generalized well-being. These parameters were evaluated in both groups. Results: The hospital stay was shortened and complications were less among patients who ambulated early. The stay was prolonged to 8 days in control patients. Conclusion: Early ambulation leads to fast recovery. It is safe, cost-effective and should be practiced by every surgeon.

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