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To Assess the Level of Knowledge on Cerebrovascular Accident among Patients with Hypertension in Pondicherry Institute Of Medical Sciences, Pondicherry

Bakkiyalakshmi S, Rajalakshmi. R, Rebecca Samson, K Ravichandran, Malarvi Zhi S, Arokia Mary V, Keerthika U, Nandhini C, Padmavathi M, Sandhiya K, Swetha K P


Cerebrovascular accident is one of the major leading causes of death and disability. Hypertension is a major risk factor for cerebrovascular accident. One in three adults has a high blood pressure worldwide, a condition that cause around half of all death from cerebrovascular accident. The present study was aimed to assess the level of knowledge on cerebrovascular accident among patients with hypertension at Pondicherry institute of medical sciences. Descriptive design was adopted in this study. Study was conducted among patients with hypertension in medicine OPD of Pondicherry institute of medical sciences, Puducherry. 100 samples were selected by convenience sampling technique. Structured questionnaire was used to assess the level of knowledge among participants after the content validity. The present study assessed the level of knowledge on cerebrovascular accident among patients with hypertension and it was founded that majority of them 56% were having inadequate knowledge 41% were having moderate knowledge and 3% were having adequate knowledge regarding cerebrovascular accident among patients with hypertension. The majority of hypertension patients had inadequate knowledge regarding cerebrovascular accident. It also helps them to improve their life style modifications and can maintain their health status. The present study proves that the patients with Hypertension must have adequate knowledge about cerebrovascular accident.

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