Sensors and Bluetooth Based Home Automation

Vaibhav Sharma, Dr. H.K Verma, Dr. Arun Parakh


Today’s present trend is towards making houses smarter. This is done in order to stop the wastage of electrical energy, as the devices are programmed to switch on and off only when required. For some, smart house is only to provide luxury and comfort in life, while for some it is need, such as elders and disabled. Elders and disabled ones find it difficult to go to the switch boards and control the appliances, so they require a system which can reduce their efforts. This paper presents the way to automate home with the help of Bluetooth technology through app developed for android using MIT APP INVENTOR which can help elders and disabled ones to simply control the appliances using their phones without going to the switch board. The system which is discussed in this paper also includes another mode which is fully automated mode that means it does not require any human intervin. In this mode, the central controller interfaced with the sensors, collects data from sensors and based upon that data it makes its own decisions to control the appliances. AT89S52 is used as a central controller.  In the experiments it is found that system implemented using AT89S52 is reliable and cost worthy. Results showed that app is easily interfaced with the system and it is working as expected.

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