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“Automatical vehicle loan watcher”

Kadam Poonam Vilas, JadhavPriyanka Mohan, Patil Vishal Vikas


Now a days more than 80% people are using the vehicle on EMI but many times what happenedcustomer are make delay in paying EMI, then the bank operator has to contact with customer but customer not responds properly. Then bank has to take the decision of collect the vehicle of customer due to the unpayment of EMI. In this process Time, Money as well as Man power also wastes. To avoid this we develop this intelligent system. In our system no needs to do all these things once due date is gone vehicles are automatically get off. In This system We use GPS and GSM system for tracking and monitoring purpose. The ignition control system, fuel control system and hard break system are used for controlling. This all system is operating by mobile.

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