Ground Nut Harvesting Machine Using Embedded Control

Sarath kumar


A Powered groundnut harvesting system turned into designed and fabricated. The most efficient device diggers were selected. Agricultural production must double via 2050 that allows you to meet the anticipated food call for because of population increase. Precision agriculture is the important thing to enhance productiveness and efficiency within the use of assets, as a result supporting to reap this intention underneath the numerous demanding situations currently faced by using agriculture in particular because of climate changes, land degradation, availability of farmable land, labour pressure shortage, and growing cost.Here we have proposed a modern technology for groundnut harvesting. In this project paper, we are going to plug the ground nut crop and separate the ground nut from the crop using blades and the separated ground nut is collected in tray. This process is carried out by motors and relays and the whole system is controlled by Atmega8 microcontroller.

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