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Automatic Water Dispenser

Mr.Akash Chowdry, Mr.Prathap S Gautham, Dwarakanath S K


We are familiar with the term “AUTOMATIC”, these days we want each and every gadget of ours to be automatic. There has been an upsurge in the quest for man to get his devices automatic. With the latest innovations such as IOT (Internet of things) based on development boards like Aurdino, Raspberry pi, Galileo, etc we are trying to control our gadgets from our SMARTPHONES.   The device automatic water dispenser turns on only where a metal tumbler is placed near the proximity switch.Our conventional water purifier can be converted into a smart water purifier by using a relay, proximity switch and a water solenoid.

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Arduino Microcontroller processing for everyone,Morgan and claypool by steven Barrett.


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