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Design of Micro-Hydro and PV Hybrid off Grid Power for Rural Electrification

Tsedalnesh Menberu


In Ethiopia, around 85% of the population is living in remote areas, where there is no access of electricity. Because of this the population uses biomass and kerosene as a basic source of energy. Nowadays, renewable energies are becoming the best option of electricity for remote areas. Hybrid power generation systems have been a possible solution to supply electricity for communities living far in areas where grid extension is difficult. This study deals about design of PV-Micro hydro hybrid power generation system using solar and micro hydro energy sources for electrification of remote villages in Amhara region. The Village for this study has a total population of 7,394 out of which 3,937 males, 3,457 females and 850 households (Goangoa woreda administration office). The feasibility study of PV-Micro hydro power generation system to the community in the village is analyzed using HOMER software. The power produced from the hybrid system is supplied to Bizrakani Village to power home appliance, community service such as; school, church and health post. The data regarding solar energy potential of the village is collected from NASA, stream flow and gross head of the river is obtained from ministry of water and energy.

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