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Cryptography Based Technique For Security Of Data Using Image Processing

Harshita Mall, M.P.S. Chawla


The developments observed in technology and networking has posed serious threats to obtain secured data communication. This has generated an interest amongst computer security researchers to overcome the serious threats for secured data transmission. To protect the data or information against unauthorised access, two important techniques are available i.e. cryptography and steganography. This paper deals with the combination of both the above mentioned techniques, so as to increase the level of security over an open channel like internet. At transmitter side of communication channel, cryptography is done i.e. converting the actual data into cipher text and after conversion of data the steganography is done i.e. embedding the cipher text into a cover image. At receiver side, the recovery process is reverse of the embedding process and decryption of data is also done to reform the actual data. The encryption and decryption process is done by AES method and the embedding and extracting process is done using DWT method on cover image. The proposed method is quite easy and user-friendly and therefore, difficult for the intruder to access the secret message. The proposed technique is evaluated on the basis of PSNR and SSIM values. 

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