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Analysis of Performance Curves of PV Plant Installation for Dairy College, Tirupathi

Shalini J, Sunil Kumar Jilledi


India is a large producer of milk and dairy products. Different Dairy product are producing by many dairy industries, information provided by the Ministry agriculture the growth in this sector is exponentially increasing. The utilization of milk, its products are increasing daily because of the large population in India. The Dairy industries are consuming high power from the electricity boards. The use of renewable energy in industrial areas is not fully due to several insecurity reasons. The operating temperatures in the dairy industries varies from product to product, to maintain the temperature of the equipment’s in the prescribed limits the power electronic devices has to play a curtail role which leads harmonics in the system, to maintain the system stable the solar power can utilize. Based on the mathematical analysis and simulation analysis, this work appraises the practicability of integrating a solar thermal system to the conventional energy system of a dairy college in Tirupathi, India. To conclude the potential of the proposed system, many suppositions and scenarios were analysed based on the dairy production process. Using the solar energy in the dairy industry which we can reduce the cost of electrical energy and equipment’s can run at different operating temperatures without having impact on the electrical network.

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