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An Approach to Mathematically Model a Photovoltaic Cell - Using the Maxwell Boltzmann Statistics

B. F. Akpiri, G. Odo


In this work, an approach to the mathematical modeling and simulation of a photovoltaic cell is presented. Previous work on the Shockley diode equation uses the Fermi – Dirac statistics. In this report, we will use the classical Maxwell Boltzmann statistics. For simplicity, the model considered is the single diode, photovoltaic cell model. The Shockley diode equation is first formulated using Maxwell Boltzmann (MB) statistics. A single diode model equation is then derived and simulated. Matlab was used to perform the simulations using the looping iterative method. Results that were obtained were identical with the typical single diode photovoltaic cell model current - voltage and power – voltage plots.

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