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Brain Image Analysis: The RAVENS way

Rama Krishna K


This paper presents brain image analysis of magnetic resonance images (MRIs) to detect the defected regions (atrophy) in the brain via Hammer image registration methodology. To start with, MR brain images can be registered via HAMMER (Hierarchical Attribute Matching Mechanism for Elastic Registration) methodology. The registered images are then used to create RAVENS (regional analysis of volumes examined in normalized space) maps. Finally, RAVENS maps hold the volumes of various tissues both at the interior and at the globalized level. Ravens maps for of brain tissues namely GM (Grey Matter), WM (White Matter) and CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) are investigated by using statistical parametric mapping tool (SPM) using MATLAB platform. The proposed strategy precisely identified the atrophy regions in brain scan. The identified atrophy regions are useful for further investigation to diagnose the brain related disorders diseases.

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