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Development of Polymer Phase Change Material for Heat Storage Application

K. Muthu, S. Muthuvel, N. Rajini


Polymer Phase change materials (PCM’s) are the materials which can be used to store the thermal energy for a broad range of applications. The unlike conventional storage materials phase change materials may absorbs or release heat at a constant temperature. They store 6– 12 times more amount of heat per unit volume than sensible storage materials. Increasing demand in solar applications and spacecraft thermal control applications requires continuous development of phase change materials to improve its effectiveness and reliability. The energy storage devices, which are as important as to developing the new sources of energy. In this paper, we can show the combination of low molecular weight polyester resin and Calcium Chloride hexa hydrate (CaCl2.6 H2O) is an inorganic PCM that can be used as PCM’s of this study. Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) is an instrument which can be used to measure the thermal characteristics of the phase change materials, Melt Flow Index test were used to characterizing the new developed Compound for storing the heat energy. In this project, the target was to reduce the melting point hence that we could obtain more heat storage for energy saving applications.

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