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Topology Optimisation of A Two Point Load case Continuum Structure using Firefly Algorithm - IV

KNV Chandrasekhar, Chinthapoola Sravanthi, K Rahul, G Ravikiran


Topology optimization is a relatively new and emerging area of research in the field of
structural engineering. The idea is to determine the optimum distribution of material in the
given design domain and not to focus on shape or correcting the dimensions of initial
designs. Metaheuristics are widely used in the field of optimization of continuum structures.
Firefly algorithm proposed by Xin-She Yang is considered as one of the best performing
algorithms which require fewer iterations to converge. This paper is a series of ongoing
research work in structural optimization using firefly algorithm. The focus of this paper is to
optimize a two point load case problem one of the complex in the field of optimization
involving several degrees of freedom. An attempt has been made to verify the distribution of
material and the convergence of the firefly algorithm. The analysis shows that the algorithm
is very effective to determine the distribution of material and the final distribution is a near
approximation of the theoretical distribution.

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