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Effect of Temperature & Holding Time on Recrystallization Behaviour of al-3%mn Alloy

Kanwarpal Singh, Ankit Sheoran, Ajay mahendru, Jitender Singh


Recrystallization generally occurs at low temperatures which results in significant change in
mechanical properties of the metal. In the present work Al-3% Mn alloy is prepared and
subjected to plastic deformation to study the recrystallization behavior. After plastic
deformation stresses are induced which are relieved by heat treatment at 600 °C. The
specimens are quenched after heat treatment so that alloy retains the same microstructure at
room temperature as it has at high temperatures. After quenching, the specimens are
subjected to recrystallization annealing at two different heat treatment temperatures (200° C
& 500° C) for different holding times (5, 15, 30 & 60 minutes). The values of hardness (HRB
&HRC) are calculated after recrystallization annealing for all the specimens.

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