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An experimental investigation on hot machining process by design of experiments using taguchi method

Bhargav kumar Pancholi


Genichi Taguchi has been identified with the appearance of what has emerge as termed exceptional engineering.The goal of satisfactory engineering is to move satisfactory improvement efforts upstream from the production phase to the product/technique layout stage (off-line).As his loss function demonstrates, his important problem is deviation of a feature from its nominal value.  Uncontrollable elements (noise) are often accountable for this deviation and, therefore, Taguchi’s method to experimental design has as its aim the design of merchandise/system which can be robust to these noise factors. Now a days, there is a want of materials with very high hardness and shear energy. Machining of such materials with traditional approach was proved to be very costly because the tool existence is greatly affected. Warm machining can be used to decrease device wear, strength consumed and will increase surface end. The analysis is performed with the aid of taguchi method. Taguchi technique advocates the usage of orthogonal array like L8, L9, L16, L18etc. In this project we considered various parameters like depth of cut, speed, velocity, temperature to get surface roughness and material removal rate as a response parameter. By this method machining can be done easily by using less power.

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