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Design and Analysis of a Spindle of Special Purpose Drilling Machine by using Solid Works

D. E. Patil, V. A. Kamble, A. R. Balwan


The growth of manufacturing industries largely depends on rate of production with better quality. To reach these requirements it is essential to develop special purpose machine by combining No. of operations. During designing special purpose drilling machine, spindle is the main mechanical component. The main objective of current research work is to design of spindle for special purpose horizontal and angular drilling machine. The spindle is designed by considering bending, torsion and axial load. The spindle is designed for drilling deep hole in cylinder block of cast iron material. After designing the spindle 3D model was created by using the CATIA software. Further, study continues for analysis of spindle by using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software. Analysis is carried out in static condition. Results of von Mises stresses and displacement from software are compared with theoretical values. Finally, the spindle is checked either it is on safer side or not.

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