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Design and Analysis of Welding Electrode Coating die and set up for coating of flux on SS308 core wire

Ashish Kumar Chaurasia, Anshul Garg, Amit Pathak, Ankesh Pratap, Anoop Pandey


This project deals with designing and developing of welding electrode coating set up for coating of flux on SS308 core wire. The composition and constituents of flux material like rutile, dolomite, etc. are used for coating of core wire. These compositions can be varied well on hit and trial basis to attain the desired results and observe reduction of welding defects. A small set up for preparing the flux cored welding wires specially for welding austenitic stainless steel of SS 308 is designed using manual feeding and collecting system. Basic process parameters like die cross section, required pressure, wire feed rate in die and volume of flux material required for proper coating of single electrode are calculated with the help of data obtained by industry survey. Analysis of the die used in setup has been presented in this paper. With the help of the calculated values an appropriate die of AISI 304 is designed.

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