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Optimization of factors effecting Green Compression Strength and Shear Strength of Moulding sand using Box Banhken Technique

Budda Vankata Naidu Vara Prasad, V. Applaraju


In sand casting process, the mould strength plays a major role as it has to withstand the stresses developed by the molten metal. The strength of the moulding sand depends on various parameters like grain size, moisture content, clay content, type of binder etc. In the present work the effect of various process parameters like grain size, moisture content, clay content and binder content on green compression strength and shear strength of the molding sand are investigated by using factorial technique. Four factor - two levels are used and total 16 experiments are performed. The coefficients are calculated by using regression analysis and the model is constructed. The adequacy of the developed model is checked using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) technique. By using the mathematical model the main and interaction effect of various process parameters on green compression strength and shear strength of moulding sand is studied. The developed model helps in selection of accurate percentages of various parameters or composition of the sand and also helps in achieving the desired strength of the moulding sand.

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