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FEA and Experimental Analysis of Energy Absorption Characteristic of the Circular Column with and without Honeycomb Structure

Mr. Pratapsinha Patil, Prof. P. G. Karajagi


The Energy absorbing elements are very important in many crucial engineering fields, such as aircraft, spacecraft, vehicle and ship. This study investigates the crushing (Post buckling) response and energy absorption characteristics of the circular aluminium column with and without honeycomb structure to reduce injury to the passengers and damage to the vehicle. Post-buckling phenomenon has advantages in many engineering applications. Buckling has greater impact on the structures of automobiles. It is necessary to study the post buckling response of the metal structures. CAD model of the circular aluminium column is prepared using CATIA V5. FEA Analysis is carried out on the FEA model using Abaqus/Explicit®. Validation of post buckling results will be done using the experimental testing results obtained using UTM.  The result & conclusion will be drawn after making the comparison between the experimental and analysis result.

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