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Topology Optimization & Analysis of Front Suspension Bracket using Creo

Mr. Pratapsinha Patil, Prof A. B. Gaikwad


Topology optimization is one of the powerful tool to optimize any structure. It is used at the concept level of the design process so that a conceptual design proposal can be fine-tuned for performance and manufacturability. In automotive sector, design of suspension systems is always challenging due to the heavy loads the system is exposed to and the long-life requirements for the total system for heavy transport vehicles [2]. The design phase followed by analysis phase is very time consuming which leads to cost as well. The topology optimization helps to replace these time consuming and costly design iterations which reduces design development time and overall cost while improving design performance.. Using Creo topology optimization, one can find the best concept design that meets the design requirements. Topology optimization is based on the principle of finite element methods (FEM).

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