Optimization of Piston with Different Materials Using ANSYS

Hashim sheikh, Ankur Geete


In the present work, optimization of IC engine’s piston with different materials has been done on the model of the piston with actual specifications of a two wheeler vehicle. The modelling has been performed on CATIA V5R12 software and further analyses have been carried out on ANSYS thermal analysis workbench. The expected outcome from this project was to find the thermal load that is minimum temperature and maximum heat flux over the surface and an attempt has been made to minimize the thermal load by optimizing the piston material to get some fruitful advantages. After analyses, it has been found the piston material AL 2024-T4 gives better temperature condition (239.29°C) but poor heat flux (0.39753 W/mm2) so this material is suggested for light or moderate vehicles where material AL 1100-O gives better heat flux (0.47726 W/mm2) but worst temperature condition (305.65°C) so this material is recommended for heavy vehicles.

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