Demonstrational Model of Electro Chemical Machine for Drilling Micro Holes

Atharva Satish Sinfal, Vasim mujawar, Yash kumbhar, Mr. A.B. Patil


The Electro Chemical Machine is one of the nontraditional machining processes where electrical and chemical energies are used in metal removal process. Non-contact type machining takes place which eliminates different conventional stresses produced. It is the new way of machining as it is the only way in today’s world to complex and intricate shapes which are used for producing aerospace machining, die manufacturing, turbine blade manufacturing. There a numerous part which need to be precise and have close tolerances, some even have micro holes, high surface finish and difficult contour profiles which can be achieved by this machine. This project deals with “Building a proper demonstrational Model of Electro Chemical Machine for drilling micro holes”. It is done to provide students with proper knowledge of ECM and so that investigation of different processparameters and materials can be accomplished in the future.

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