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Process Parameter Optimization to Synthesize Magnesium Silicide Magnesium Matrix In-Situ Composite

Asrafuzzaman ., Kazi Faiza Amin


In recent years, the synthesis of magnesium matrix composites via in-situ reaction has gained significant attention. Reinforcing magnesium matrix through in-situ production of magnesium compound has emerged as a promising method of developing magnesium matrix composites with desired properties. Silicon carbide (SiC) can be a potential reinforcement for in-situ reaction with magnesium. The main objective of this experiment was to produce an in-situ magnesium silicide (Mg2Si) reinforcement phase to achieve better microstructural and mechanical properties than pure magnesium. For better results, SiC was heat-treated to remove any contaminations on the SiC particles and activate the surface. SiC mixed with pure magnesium chips and magnesium alloy blocks were heated in the furnace in the presence of argon gas to prevent oxidation of the magnesium. The process was carried out at different temperatures and time durations to determine the optimum temperature and time for the successful production of the desired composite.  Heating a mixture of SiC, pure Mg chips, and Mg alloys at 9000C for 1 hour produced a composite of Mg/ Mg2Si.

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