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Study of Stress and Deformation by Mono Composite Leaf Spring

Satvinder Singh Bhatia, Ritesh Kumar Nishad, Sameer Rajendra Patil, Mukund Kishor Dewangan, Makhan Sahu, Purushottam Kumar Chandrawanshi


The purpose of this project work is to estimate the deflection and stress on the basis of Load changes as well as Young’s Modulus in Mono Composite Leaf Spring by computer analysis. The emphasis in this project is given on the effect of Young’s Modulus on deflection and stress produced in Leaf Spring and all the process will be done by  the application of computer aided analysis using finite element concept. The component chosen for analysis is a leaf spring which is an automotive component used to absorb vibrations. Under operating conditions, the behavior of the leaf spring is complicated due to its clamping effects and interleaf contact; hence its analysis is necessary to pre-predict the displacement, and stresses. Although many projects have been made earlier regarding the concept of stress and deflection on leaf spring on the basis of load, but the new thing on these project is the estimation of leaf spring on the basis of Young’s Modulus which makes these project unique because such project has not been made yet. Another thing that makes it differ is the use of CATIA software not only for modeling the Leaf Spring but also for the whole analysis. So all the process and analysis is based on the results obtained in CATIA software under given specified conditions.

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