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Cluster Head Selection based Energy Aware Routing Protocol for MANET

K. Prabu, K. Thamizhmaran


In this paper, a technique of cluster formation is proposed choice of the first cluster head and secondary cluster head. Further, once 2 clusters come back nearer to every alternative they merge and form one cluster. In such case out of 2 CHs secondary has got to withdraw the role and first can take over. A replacement economical technique of merging each cluster is additionally projected within the analysis paper. They use this methodology as associate degree Improved Cluster Maintenance theme (CMS) and primarily targeted on minimizing CH once ever-changing topology so as to reinforce the performance. CH methodology is enforced to avoid any style of offensive model on the network with 2 head nodes rule besides avoiding delay and energy; it will increase the node speed additionally. Network machine (NS2) is employed to simulate the projected rule and compared with Weight based Cluster (WBC), Primary and Secondary Weight based Cluster (PS-WBC). The projected cluster methodology and enforced within the take a look at system provides secure transmission and additional reduces routing overhead, delay and energy conjointly will increase potency of topology.

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