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Calibration Methods Using Microwave Sensing of Agricultural Food Products

Ms. F. Jeswina Amuthini, Ms. J. Jemimah Evangelin, Ms. P. Harshini Maheshwari, Dr. S. Gomathi


Recent advances in activity ways and handiness of reliable and cheap microwave elements supply a chance for the event of a brand new generation of inexpensive microwave sensors for method observation and management that may lead to important labour and price savings additionally to maintaining the specified quality and yielding with safety regulation. Paper discusses each the event of activity ways for development of cheap microwave meters for routine characterization of grain, seed, and in-shell peanutsistatic and dynamic things. This is even additional relevant during a social and economic setting wherever client awareness is high and new rules and pointers for labelling and safety standards are place in situ. Also, determination of bulk density and wetness content from measure of the nonconductor properties at one microwave frequency.

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