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Wireless Sensing of Gestures using MEMS Accelerometer

Mr. Rajath Ravi, Mr. Rohan R Koundinya, Mr. T S Srinivas Naidu, Mr. Vaishnav Manoharan, Ms. Anu H


Innovation assumes a noteworthy job in medicinal services for sensor gadgets as well as in correspondence, recording and show gadgets. The system tends to propose, interpretation of hand or head movement via complex algorithms. These algorithms are in the form of software, hardware or a combination of both. The main goal of gesture recognition system is to enable an individual or a group of individuals to communicate using specific sign languages or gestures. This paper proposes the use of a three axis accelerometer, wireless protocols of communication and a database system in a computer. The merits and the demerits of the above mentioned three attributes are presented in the paper.

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