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Prediction of Gender and Age Approximation using CNN and OpenCV

Ms. Muthurani N.H, Ms. Vindhya P Malagi


Artificial Intelligence is a technique that imitates the human insight which deciphers and percepts dependent on the sources of inputs given to it, for the output generation or prediction of age and gender. The input image is processed and handled by the convolutional neural network alongside the assistance of the algorithms making it beneficial to process inputs with decreased utilization of hardware equipment’s and the difficulties during implementation regardless of the models that are to be developed and deployed. Determining an individual's age and gender is done with the assistance of the convolutional neural network and OpenCV. The pre-trained models like the Caffe model are utilized to determine them alongside the utilization of OpenCV. The coding is done in python language, wherein packages like TensorFlow, Keras, and OpenCV are utilized.

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