Investigation on Synthesis and Evaluation of Nanopore NaA Zeolite Membranes

Mansoor Kazemimoghadam


Effects of synthesis parameters on the membrane structure and performance are investigated for nanopore NaA mineral membranes full-grown onto seeded mullite supports. Molar composition of the beginning gel of nano NaA membranes was: SiO2/Al2O3=0.8-3.2, Na2O/Al2O¬3=1.6-4.6, and H2O/Al2O3=50-200. Also, Effects of crystallization time and temperature on the membrane performance were studied. X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns of the membranes exhibited peaks like the support and also the mineral. The crystal species were characterised by XRD and morphology of the supports subjected to crystallization was characterised by Scanning microscopy (SEM). Separation performance of NaA mineral membranes was studied for water-unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (UDMH) mixtures victimization concentration (PV). The membranes showed smart property towards water within the water-UDMH mixtures. Water permeates quicker due to its discriminatory adsorption into the nano-pores of the hydrophilic mineral membrane. In PV of water-UDMH mixtures, the membrane exhibits a deliquescent behavior, with a high property towards water and a decent flux. The simplest Flux and separation issue of the membranes were zero.734 kg/m2.h and 20400, severally. Effects of operation condition (temperature, rate and pressure) on the membrane performance are investigated for NaA mineral membranes full-grown onto seeded mullite supports.

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