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Compact Single Band Modified CPW-Fed UWB Antenna For Applications of WLAN And WiMAX

Ruth P. Okeke


Right now U-Shaped Coplanar waveguide took care of receiving wire with the changed ground plane structure for WIMAX and WLAN applications are introduced. The radio wire is reverberating at various frequencies 3.5/5.2 GHz which is spread 3.1GHz to 5.9 GHz Ultra Wide Band run. Radio wire has a straightforward planer structure of 23x16x1.6 mm3 utilizing FR4 epoxy substrate dielectric steady 4.4 and misfortune digression of 0.002 with a space on the ground plane [1]. The proposed reception apparatus accomplished return misfortune - 10 dB and it stretched around - 37 dB which covers the transmission capacity determination of WIMAX and WLAN. The radio wire is mimicked utilizing reproduction instrument Mentor Graphics IE3D electromagnetic solver which depends on technique for a minute.

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