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Smart Billing Concept with Wireless Energy Meter

Pranav Kamble, Vaishnavi Barapatre


One of the fundamental necessities of human beings is Electricity. Electricity is commonly used for domestic, industrial and, agricultural purposes. In India, the biggest problem in recent days is power theft which causes a lot of loss to electricity boards. We can save a lot of power by preventing these thefts. This can be done using Smart Energy Meter (SEM). Smart Energy Meter is an electric device with an inbuilt energy meter chip for measuring units of the electricity consumed with a wireless protocol for data communication. This article gives us an idea about a smart energy meter for an automatic monitoring and billing system in this meter, the energy units consumed and the billing amount for that will be displayed on the LCD continuously and communicated to the controlling unit of the substation. The feedback generating from the user end helps in identifying the usages between the authorized and the unauthorized users which helps in the comparison between user data and recorded data for controlling the power theft. Communication between users and substations is done with the help of ZIGBEE. For this, the RF Module is used. If current traditional meter reading methods are replaced by this proposed system and then it enables remote access of existing energy meter by the service provider. By this system, substations can monitor the meter readings regularly without the person visiting each house.

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