Journal of Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management system

JPLACMS is a peer reviewed Biannual Journal which provide platform to Researchers, Academicians, Scholars, Professionals in the field of Management to promulgate their Research/ Review/ Case studies in the field of Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management System

  •  Regional public procurement issues, eg EU directives, NAFTA etc.
  •  Lean supply/lean production
  •  Partnership sourcing and relationship development
  •  International purchasing, eg. Global sourcing
  •  How Logistics and procurement programmes are specified, designed, implemented
  •  Real world challenges and disruption management
  •  Supply chain mapping and planning and scheduling
  •  Demand forecasting and inventory management
  •  Sourcing and procurement
  •  Supply chain synchronisation, Logistics and transportation
  •  Linking supply chain design and performance to organisational objectives
  •  Direct, indirect and purchased services
  •  Risk management, loss prevention and security
  •  Materials handling products
  •  Deal structuring and negotiation
  •  Tariffs and tax optimisation
  •  Gaining, training and retaining talent