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Automatic Billing using RFID Module

Shruti Bhatnagar, Aditya Tyagi, Vipul Agarwal


Our motive is to develop a system that can be used in shopping complex s to resolve the challenge of being standing and waiting in the queue. There has been an emerging demand for quick and easy payment of bills in supermarkets. This project describes how to build an automated and time saving system for the world of retail which will make shopping experience impetuous, customer friendly and secure. In this paper, smart cart is proposed that will be capable of generating a bill from the cart itself. The customer will make the payment in no time through a rechargeable credit card which will help to maintain database and introduce schemes and offers in stores accordingly. The smart cart uses RFID technology for purchasing and fee, AVR microcontroller for peripheral interfacing and inventory control. This revolutionary device will assist the stores to look a rise of their income together with delighting customers.

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