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Bilateral Filtering of Various Images for De-Noising Analysis

Prof. MPS Chawla, Jitendra Kem


Images are often humiliated by noises and noise is unwanted disturbance which generally occur while capturing photos or when we transmit image from one channel to other. Removal  of  noise  is  an  important task  and  its  depending on noisy  image, with  this  the  original image can be regenerated. While removing noise some time the details of the image also get lost. Linear and nonlinear filtering methods are mostly used to remove the noise, from any image. With linear filters the edges of the given image gets blur but nonlinear method preserve edges of the image and also reduce impulse noise. In this paper, bilateral  filtering  technique   is  used  for  removal  of  noise  and it is  a  nonlinear  method.  With the help of this method we tried to remove noise from both colored and gray image. Range parameter and spatial parameters are varied to obtain the desired results.

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