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Compensation of Voltage Sag, Swell and Electrical Noise Using Distributed Generation Dynamic Voltage Restorer

A. Sheela, V. Agnes Idhaya Selvi


Major challenge in power system operation is to analyze if the system at any instant operates safely and reliably with voltage within nominal values. In this paper, a novel Distributed Generation fed Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DG-DVR) is proposed to compensate for voltage distortions and electrical noises. MPPT algorithms are compared and the best tracking point is implemented to track the maximum power point of the PV array. Voltage distortions (sag and swell) and electrical noise are detected using DWT wavelet. DG-DVR not only mitigates sag/swell/noise but also supplies energy when utility grid is disconnected from the load terminals. The simulation and experimental results are presented to validate the performance of the proposed system.

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