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Comparison of Effects on Three Phase Supply due to Linear and Nonlinear Loads

Boyapati Chandrasekhar, Pramod Bhat Nempu, Palla Naresh


Grid connected 3-phase 4-wire electrical distribution networks are commonly utilized by industrial and commercial consumers for their high authoritative ordinance of electrical energy. This type of distribution system faces many issues cognate to power quality like harmonics, reactive power, unbalanced load and extortionate neutral current due to Linear and nonlinear loads. This paper analyzes the effects of different loads on the supply grid so as to amend the potency quality in 3-phase 4-wire electrical distribution system. An incrementing non-linear load in the potency sector causes different unwanted effects and harmonic issues. Industrial and domestic consumers use power electronic contrivances and many non-linear loads. These contrivances draw more non-linear current from the AC mains than of traditional loads like motors, refrigerators and heating elements. This causes distortion of potency supplied to consumers. The performance of the loads and power supply effect demonstrated utilizing MATLAB simulation.

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