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Hybrid Wind Energy-Photo Voltaic System with CUK-SEPIC

D. Nandhini, M. Deepika, A. Preethi


Environmentally pleasant solutions are becoming more distinguished than ever consequently of concern regarding their state of our deteriorating planet. This concept gives a brand new device configuration of the front-cease rectifier level for a go wind/photovoltaic electricity gadget. This configuration allows both assets to produce pressure one after the other or simultaneously close to the choice of the power assets. The intrinsic nature with this cuk-sepic fused converter, added enter filters are not important to filtration large volume harmonics. Harmonic material product is detrimental for the generator lifespan, heating problems, and efficiency. The fused numerous input rectifier lengths also allows maximum power point tracking (MPPT) to be used to get most electricity from the wind and daylight whilst it's far available. An adaptive MPPT set of rules will soon be used for the wind gadget and a preferred perturbs and take a look at technique will quickly be used for the PV system. Operational analysis of the proposed machine will quickly be discussed on this paper. Simulations outcomes are directed at spotlight the merits of the proposed circuit.

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