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Design and Simulation of a Three-Stage Solar Battery Charge Control Technique Using Buck and Ćuk DC – DC Converters

Adamu K. S., Haruna Y. S., Ibrahim K. A., Aliyu U. O.


The design and simulation of a three-stage solar battery charge controller using Buck and Ćuk DC-DC converters is presented in this paper. The two converters function as the major interfacing circuits between the solar PV module array and the battery bank. The charging current and voltage curves for the three – stage charge controller using the two converters were obtained and discussed. The simulation curves for the converters in open – loop and closed – loop modes with and without PID controller, respectively, were also discussed. The conventional Buck converter topology commonly used in charge controllers can only step down the non-linear DC voltage supplied by the PV module array to a stabilized desired DC voltage value, required to charge the battery bank. The Ćuk DC-DC converter, however, has the capability of stepping down as well as stepping up the supplied DC voltage among other advantages, which include, minimum ripples at the output stage, faster rise and settling time and getting closer to the desired output value.

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