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Smart Energy Meter By using Arduino Based System

Miss. Chavan Renu Anil, Miss. Mane Mrunali Suryakant, Miss. Pawar Vaishali Yuvaraj, Mr.Shrenik Suresh Sarade


Today’s energy meter has many drawbacks like two way communication, real time monitoring, energy tampered, etc. To overcome these disadvantages, this project monitors the energy consumption at domestic level and helps in reducing energy consumption and monitors the units consumed by the user. The objective of this project is to make the electrical appliances intelligent and also provide comfort to consumer.

The electricity market is facing many problems due to increase in cost for the generation of resources. This project helps both the user and supplier to control the consumption of electricity according to availability of resources. The aim of this project is to minimize the errors by introducing a new system of prepaid energy meter using GSM. Design and implementation of this project is mainly based on Arduino UNO controller. Now a day’s, the use of electricity production and consumption has increased. The consumer energy meters are not user friendly. To make it user friendly, this project proposes the smart energy meter with continuous monitoring of the energy consumption. The electricity consumption and electricity bill will be conveyed through GSM module to the electricity department as well as to the customers. Also an alert message will be send to customer when the consumption until reaches beyond the threshold. The buzzer is provided to give the indication that recharge is about to finish. The power will be getting ON or OFF through relay. In this project, energy consumption details will be given in terms of power units. These power units will be displayed on LCD and will be sent to customer. The customer will also be able to recharge with the help of Arduino and GSM module.

The present system of energy billing in India is error prone and also time and labour consuming. Errors get introduced at every stage of energy billing eg. errors like electro-mechanical meters, human errors, processing errors ,etc. This device is user friendly. It make consumer conscious about the amount of energy they spend and help to overcome the excessive consumption of electricity. In recent years, the demand for electricity consumption has increased with the use of different devices. At the present time, the consumption and distribution of energy has become an issue of concern because of large difference in production and consumption of energy. Many times consumer face so many problems due to frequent power failure. To limit the excessive use of electricity, some limits should be put on the power consumption of each and every energy consumer.

                 Thus we are trying to present an idea towards smart prepaid metering for utilizing the electricity smartly. The disadvantage of the meter used in today’s life is that they do not provide data to the costumer which is achieved with the help of smart meter. In this proposed system, the customer will get real time energy consumption so that he could limit the use of energy.

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