Importance of Technical Textiles as Filtration Media-A Review

Prof (Dr) Nemailal Tarafder


Textiles are widely used in our day-to-day needs like filtration of air, liquids, food preparation as well as industrial production in large to keep us healthier from the surrounding environment. A variety of fibres, yarns and fabrics both in woven and nonwoven types are used in the field of filtration techniques. The innovative applications of textile filtration fabrics is widely accepted in the pharmaceutical industry in the process of separation of liquids, gases, powders and suspensions involved in the filtration processes. Textile materials in any form play an important role the industrial filtration. In the present industrial processes, there is hardly any process is left where filtration is not involved. In the filtration process, where any textile material used it is called as the filter media or medium. In general filter media is used either in the solid-gas and/or solid-liquid separation. The use of latest technologies with filters and filtration media, the effective time in filtration is reduced and better quality of products are obtained in pharmaceutical industry. The use of textile filtration materials helps maximum separation of particles from the liquids, although absolute clarity is not always required. The use of membrane filtration fabrics in water filtration process has improved the membrane science.

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