Design and Optimization of a Duct in Different Working Conditions for Circular and Elliptical Section

Mr. A Gokul karthik, Mr. T.K. Aravindhan, Mr. T.K. Aravindhan, Mr. P. Girithararajan, Mr. P. Girithararajan, Mr. R. Jatin, Mr. R. Jatin


The objective is to evaluate and compare the computational fluid dynamic analysis of duct under three types of working conditions namely home, industry and restaurant. In this, a fluent analysis is conducted on elliptical and circular cross section duct to obtain the variation of velocity and pressure magnitude at critical locations of duct. The computational fluid dynamic analysis is done and verified by simulations in ANSYS workbench. Results achieved from a mentioned analysis were used in optimization of the duct used for various applications like home, industry and restaurant. Geometry is analyzed for different working conditions under different velocity inputs.

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