Design and Fabrication of Submersible Pump Lifting Machine

Suraj M. Namde, Akshay P. Yadav, Chhaya M. Kakade, Swapnil A. Kale


This project report deals with study and development of mechanism for submersible pump lifting. Human society is developing with rapid momentum and achieved success for making its livelihood better. The current study mainly aimed to develop the machine which reduce the human effort and stresses on human body. It is the most important source of employment for the majority of the work force in the country. Approximately 38% of the total labor force was engaged in agriculture in 1999. Among that highest percentage was in agriculture sector. Releasing of the work force of agriculture sectors than other is important to develop the country. To release the work force of the farmer, mechanization plays a big role. To feed growing population is a huge challenge. Mechanization of submersible pump lifting machine will lead to time consuming with releasing of work force from other work. The objective of this project was to design a submersible pump lifting machine mechanism to lift the submersible pump from bore well by small scale farmers in the country.

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ISBN: 978-93-86171-12-2 : Automation of bore well pipe lifter and transportation.

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