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Defence Textiles Types with Materials and Methods of Manufacturing-A Review

Mr. Nemailal Tarafder


Textiles always have an important role in providing huge support to the defence personnel in various ways. It has played a vital role in providing protection to certain extent to the soldiers. Modern days defence is dealing with high performance textiles. Functional textiles have wide applications in defence. Examples of such textiles are like parachute fabric, three layer breathable fabric, camouflage printed fabric, flame retardant fabric, Thermoplastic Polyurethane Urethanes (TPU) coated fabric, etc. It is a great challenge to the system designers for defence departments to satisfy the conflicting demands with the constraints of physiological requirements, logistics, technological limitations and the cost. Nanotechnology has already made a solid base in the military textiles market. Military application of mobile robotics is gaining more popularity. Coated fabrics have a wide range of textile products for standard defence applications. For military personnel, personal protective equipment is needed for combat and emergency operations.

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