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Biodegradable, Anti-Pollutant Breakfast Plates Using Sugarcane Leaves or Bagasse

Ajeem Aijaj Attar, Shoaib B. Sanadi, Prashant M. Phalle, Aniket A. Parit, Abhay K. Magdum


Today the plastic paper plates have become the
basic need for any day to day functions and
events. But now a days, the plastic plates are
banned because it hazards the environment. So
we have just made the use of biodegradable
materials available in nature due to which the
safe environment can be maintained. The
material bonding by the various chemicals is
tested and the best suited chemicals are
confirmed for testing. The final compositions for
the chemicals and other ingredients is selected as
per the required strength of plate. We have also
used the petroleum jelly for preventing the
unwanted adhesiveness with the die and punch.
We have also designed Die and Punch for
hydraulic operated Press Machine. The main aim
for this project is to reduce plastic and paper
waste bye replacing it by the biodegradable, nonharmful,
anti pollutant and environment friendly
material to prevent the damage or harm to

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