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Application of Smart Textiles in Fashion Garments

Nemailal Tarafder


Smart textiles are a class of fabrics that enable digital components like battery and light and electronics to be embedded in them. Smart clothing is of two types, one is aesthetic types and the other is functional types. Aesthetic types are related to light-up and colour changing in nature. Functional classes are related to be used in athletics, extreme sports and military purposes. The health and beauty industry is0 also taking the benefit of the smart clothing while in the use of drug releasing medical textiles, to9 fabric with moisturizer, perfume and anti-ageing properties. Electronics are changing the clothing industry while adding new layers to the very idea of attire. Smart fabrics can sense different environmental conditions. The textiles that have electronics, the clothing acts more like an electronic device rather than just a piece of clothing. The basic materials needed to construct smart textiles are conductive threads and fabrics have been around for 1000 years

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