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Solid Fertilizer Spreading Machine: A Review

Rushikesh Shinde, Anil Jadhav, Sourabh Kamble, Kapila Latthe


In India most of the people are farmer. They are doing not use any machine for spreading fertilizers in farm. They speared the fertilizer by hands. Due to this the farmer requires the extra efforts to fertilizer spreading. To reduce this effort, we produce the solid fertilizer spreading machine. The objective of this invention is to provide a simple and inexpensive fertilizer spreader, in a form of a ‘walk-behind’ device which may be easily and quickly pushed by the farmers for spreading solid fertilizers like urea. Solid fertilizer spreading machine is one of the simplest machine which spreads the fertilizer in required quantity. The traditional type of fertilizer spreading which causes improper spreading of the fertilizer. So we are made the fertilizer spreading machine which eliminates this drawback. The main peculiarity of machine is its automatic working, reduced man power, required less time. We read the various research papers then we have proper idea what is actual problem. We referred published papers of fertilizer spreading machine. There are different researchers who invented different types of fertilizer spreading machines. They publish their papers and the papers published are given below: Chaudhari et. al [1], Laghari et. al. [2], Narode R. R et al. [3], Kweon& Grift [4], Das et al. [5]. We referred all this research papers. We found that there is need of simple advantaging in the agricultural operations (use machines to carry out basic agricultural operations like fertilizing, irrigation, weeding, etc.) as it increases the production and decreases the wastage of labor force.  Present machineries available are costly and not useful for small scale farmers. So, we are going to produce solid fertilizer spreading machine by considering the medium or small-scale famer which helps to them to easy fertilizer spreading. The 25Kg of fertilizer is stored in the hopper. Due to the weight of the fertilizer the fertilizer is slowly discharged from the hopper. This discharged fertilizer is strikes to the vanes on the circular plate which is mounted on the shaft of 12V DC motor. When the switch is turned on the DC motor star rotating. Due to this rotation of motor the fertilizer is spread over the land. We tested our project in farm the 150kg of fertilizer is required for the 1-acre land. This project results in the increase in equality of fertilizer spreading, better crop yield, and minimum time is required to spread, less human fatigue, optimum use of fertilizers and less waste at less cost as compared to current available machines. The small or medium scale farmers will be satisfied by solid fertilizer spreading machine and they can proper meet the nutritional requirements of soil with help of this machine. This product is also different from other machines mainly because of its simple design. We have motor only unlike gear assembly used in available machines in market. Due to this cost is reduced and efficiency is increased.


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