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Productivity Enhancement through Value Stream Mapping in an Graphite Electrode Industry: A Case Study

Jitendra Singh Baghel, F Ujjainwala


Value stream mapping is a lean tool which is used to gather all the information at the production shop. It comprises all the necessary process and time consumed in performing those processes. It also includes the time which is associated with the production process but does not help in value addition. Such processes are known as non-value added activities. In any organization it is necessary to eliminate or at least minimizing this non value added activities. Such activity consumes both resources and time but does not helps in value creation of the product. This will result in higher waiting times, which will finally results into the dissatisfaction of the customer. Value stream mapping is very much simple and effective tool to locate all activities performed during the production, whether they are value added activities or non-value added activities. To do so time observations are made associated with all the performed processes. Time observation is made with the help of stopwatch. Repeated time measurement is done to eliminate any kind of error. After calculating time consumed in all activities standard time are calculated. On the preparation of the decided time current state guide is drawn for the whole fundamental offices. For the time of perceptions it was once confirmed that the plant has defective configuration which comes about into unnecessary development of the item. This outcomes into better lead time. It was furthermore watched that there was once absence of inspiration among the numerous representatives. This result into declination inside the generation cost of the association. This makes hazard for the gathering in the buyer situated business sector.It was suggested to make necessary changes in plant layout and to give training and motivation to the employees. 5-S was implemented which results into reduction in lead time. In this work productivity was improved by modification in plant layout, 5-S implementation and provision of proper guidance, motivation and training to the employees.


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